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Is MS Access Worth Learning in 2021? 是否值得学习

时 间:2022-02-02 23:01:19
作 者:崔宇   ID:45603  城市:长春
摘 要:都2021年了,ACCESS是否值得去学习?
正 文:

As an Access MVP who cares deeply about Access and what it can do, as well as someone who has an appreciation of computer systems over the years including many in the past where the lack of interoperability across the internet was a problem for flexibility where & when work could be done, I do understand that MS Access is very limited in that respect. Newer cloud-based applications are certainly more sexy and offer far greater flexibility than MS Access when it comes to working from phones etc and other portable devices.
作为一名接入MVP,他非常关心接入和它能做什么,以及多年来对计算机系统的欣赏,包括过去的许多系统,缺乏跨互联网的互操作性是一个灵活性问题,在哪里和什么时候可以完成工作,我知道微软在这方面的权限非常有限。较新的基于云的应用程序当然更具吸引力,而且在使用手机等其他便携式设备时,比MS Access提供了更大的灵活性。

However - and this is extremely important in my view - please don't assume that this is the be-all & end-all of computer software. Some work requires more than most of these lighter weight apps can provide. Don't get me wrong, Excel and some other applications are very powerful in their own way and fully cloud enabled. Such software is sexy, quite rightly, because it releases the user from various restrictions in how, when & where they can work. That's all great, but it should never be misunderstood to mean that flexibility of use is the only important factor.
MS Access handles large volumes of data from many different sources, both internal to a local network as well as external & cloud-based, and for the last 25+ years there's not been an application to touch it for manipulating and reporting on data from across a business.
In short. Yes. MS Access is still a very important application for at least someone to be able to use within a company. It isn't easy to use on portable devices and it doesn't currently scale too well in as much as it usually requires a fair amount of screen space, but its power and usefulness on a desktop system (It also works well on laptops of course.) is second to none.
As for where someone might start I'd be happy to point you to the website of a fellow MVP - who incidentally can be contacted for one-on-one training - that shows a number of resources that should help you to get started.


MS Access处理来自许多不同来源的大量数据,包括本地网络内部以及外部和基于云的数据,在过去25年多的时间里,还没有一个应用程序可以通过触摸它来处理和报告来自整个企业的数据。
简言之对MS Access仍然是一个非常重要的应用程序,至少有人能够在公司内使用。它不容易在便携式设备上使用,目前的扩展性也不如通常需要相当大的屏幕空间,但它在桌面系统上的功能和实用性(当然,它在笔记本电脑上也很好用)这是首屈一指的。

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